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SchlosStudios' On Line Art Gallery, Europa

The photo above is the "Floating Castle of Imagination" I built in Texas. It was originally a USCG Licensed Ship, located on the Colorado River, had with 4 oil-rig type submerged-outrigger engines, and seated 18 passengers. Inside, was a "Theater in-the-Round" where "Emcee", a 5'6" Robot Parrot hosted multimedia shows about Art, Science, Mythology, Solar Energy, Computers, Artificial Intelligence, and especially about IMAGINATION, the fuel of Art.
FRONT LEFT: "Dana Saur", SchlosStudio's artist/creator, RIGHT: Emcee the Robot

What is SchlosStudios?

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For detailed information in any of the 7 categories of Art, Portraiture, Sculpture, PR, Science, Web Design, 3D Objects, 3D Panoramas, Photo-retouching, and other services available at SchlosStudios, "take a bite of an apple" corresponding to your area of interest.

DigiMagic Photograph and Image file "Surgery"
QT 3 Dimensional Art and 3D Photographic Production
Dinosaurs and other huge Public Sculptures
Web Page Design, Ad Design, and Translations
more about Emcee the talking, breathing Robot
more about the Floating Castle of Imagination
Religious Commissions, Crosses, and Icons
Fine Art Gallery, Auction items

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